5 Gambling Superstitions That You Probably Do Not Know

It is not surprising that many players rely on gambling superstitions for luck. After all, who wants to lose? Because every player aims to win at the casino and winning there is all about luck, the only thing that the players can rely on is superstitions. Here are the superstitions that you probably do not know and want to try. Who knows? Doing it might give you good luck and win your next slot spin.


Gambling Superstitions Throw plates on New Year’s Eve

If it is New Year’s Eve, you will not lose anything except your dishes when you follow this superstition. This superstition came from Denmark. People in Denmark save their plates all year round to throw them on New Year’s Eve. They believe that breaking plates is lucky. People there also go into their friends’ houses and throw broken dishes in their place to wish them luck.

Birds Feces Are Lucky

When a bird defecates on you, you might probably think that you are the unluckiest person alive. For Russians, it is the opposite. Russians believe that when a bird defecates on you or on something you own, it is an omen that something good will happen to you. It means that money will get into your hands. Therefore, if a bird defecates on you when you are on your way to the casino, you smile. It can mean that you will win some bucks.


Gambling Superstitions Red Is for Good Luck

The superstition that red is a lucky color is one of the gambling superstitions that came from China. That is why it is not surprising that many Chinese people love wearing red as a color. Many of them even own a lot of red appliances and furniture in their houses and businesses because it is a symbol of prosperity for them.

For this reason, if you are a gambler, you can try your luck by wearing red. It can be red underwear, pants, or attire for a better chance for success.

Enter the Back Door

If you are planning to gamble in a land-based casino, avoid entering the front door, at least in the MGM Casino in Las Vegas before.

This belief is due to the bad feng shui. The MGM Casino in Las Vegas before resembled the mouth of a lion. Therefore, Chinese customers avoided this casino or the front entrance of it. According to them, it can mean that a lion is eating you alive when you walk in there. Because of this superstition,  the MGM Casino changed the design of its entrance.

Gambling Superstitions Extra Penis is Lucky

In Thailand, they have this superstition that you should wear a palad khik for good luck. Palad khik or surrogate phallus is a below two-inch amulet that many men wear in their pants for good luck. Men wear a number of it depending on which areas they want to get lucky. It can be good luck for women, fighting, or gambling.

Every culture has a different superstition when it comes to gambling. After all, playing at the casino is a game of chance, either you will be lucky enough to win or unfortunate enough to lose. There is no specific strategy for winning in gambling. Therefore, your last resort is to follow some gambling superstitions.

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