Chinese kitchen

Chinese Kitchen (also known as Caomi) is a slot machine from Playtech. The number of players seeking, for it is quite high, judging by its statistics. However, Chinese Kitchen isn’t a very popular casino slot, at least not yet. Still, this does not mean it is bad, so give it a go for yourself and see if you like it, or read more popular online casino games. Like all machines in the casino, this one is based on random selection.


In online casino games, Chinese Kitchen features a random assortment of one hundred and eighty symbols. Although most of them look the same, they are not. They are unique to each machine and have their own effects. Slots such as Roulette and Blackjack can have better graphics, but in general, Chinese Kitchen slots are less attractive than those in other slots.


That is why the graphics in Chinese Kitchen are not the best. The small characters can often make it difficult to read what is on the screen, even when Chinese Kitchen has been turned on. This problem is made worse with the bonus games that are offered. All bonus games in slots should offer clear instructions, but because the symbols are small and difficult to see, many of them get left in the background. That is the reason why there is hardly any tutorial in the game.


In addition, most of the time, the bonuses in casino games are just small items that you cannot use in the game. As such, you have to bet on them to win them. However, in the bonus games of Chinese kitchen, you’ll find that the crab is worth three jackpots, which means you will need to get the right number of coins or else you’ll miss your chance of getting all the moolah you need. And while the bonus games are not that fun to play, you will still notice that there is a difference in the payout of the reels.


Finally, the graphics are not that nice. There are only four different symbols for the crab that you can place in the reels. Even if you were to look at the symbol combinations on the menu, you wouldn’t be able to determine the value of each one, much less get the correct amount. And as mentioned earlier, there are only three reels in a game of Chinese cuisine.


Overall, I would say that the lack of graphic details in Chinese Kitchen compared to its competition is a big downside. It doesn’t help that the game is highly themed, so the visuals are all over the place. On top of that, there is almost nothing in terms of tutorials, which makes the gameplay more confusing and difficult to get through. But if you are looking for a fun time beating some Chinese food challenges, then Chinese Kitchen 2 is definitely worth checking out. Besides, it is free!

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