Forest mania

A forest theme is one of the more unique types of casino games you can find on the internet today. Playing as the avatar of an old-time logging camp, players assume the role of a chief and his or her quest is to clear the wilderness of the inhabitants of the wooded plots. Players use a wide variety of equipment including ladders, axes, bows, and arrows to accomplish their mission. Each game comes with its own set of rules, and the aim is to clear all the trees in each level. To rack up the highest score, there are also some techniques players can employ.


This is one of those games that can be played from the comfort of your own home, and that’s just what makes it so fun. Playable on all major casino games boards, the setup in Forest Mania is rather unusual. Rather than being played on reels, the game is played on 4 rows of magical spinning reels surrounded by colorful forests. To the left is an elaborate set up of even more colorful and engaging magical creatures, and on the right a more compact set of less complex but still fun machines to rotate for higher score points.


While the objective of the game isn’t clear-cut, players should already be aware that winning requires the use of a large number of spinning reels. For this reason, some experts have suggested playing the game using only two sets of reels, since the objective of the game is achieved with the least number of spins, which increases the odds of hitting more jackpots. In addition, with only two sets, it would be easier to stop and start the game, which allows you to adjust your luck depending on how well you’re doing with winning.

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